The Gibraltar Ghost Rack: The Phantom of Your Drum Kit

The Gibraltar Ghost Rack: The Phantom of Your Drum Kit

When the moon is high and the night is chilly, drummers around the world conjure the most mystifying beats, echoing the spirits of bygone eras. And at the heart of these haunting rhythms lies the Gibraltar Ghost Rack, a marvel designed for the sorcerers of sound.

Emerging from the abyss of innovation, the Gibraltar Ghost Rack has risen! This phantasmal piece boasts a two curved-post rack system. With its gleaming chrome clamps and dual side wings, this rack not only supports your instruments but does so with a style befitting All Hallows' Eve. Its ingenious design hides the horizontal rack tube behind the bass drum, creating an eerie illusion that captivates any audience.

But it’s not all about ghostly appearances. Practicality reigns supreme. With the Ghost Rack, you can set up your drums faster than a vampire can transform into a bat! And when the witching hour comes to an end, tearing down is a breeze, leaving you with more time to mingle with your fellow night creatures.

If the thought of constructing such a bewitching setup leaves you trembling, fear not! We've prepared a series of guides to aid you:

  • Building the Backbone:
  • Completing the Corpse:
  • Stirring the Potion:
  • Final Enchantment:

Don’t let the daunting task of setting up a rack send shivers down your spine. Trust us: with the Gibraltar Ghost Rack, it's all treats and no tricks. Save yourself the floor space and potential backaches - it's a spellbinding solution that's bound to enchant.

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Ghost Rack Components for the Ultimate Haunted Setup:

  • 5 pc GCS375R Ghost Rack Build
    • GCS375R Straight Curved Drum Rack Pack (with Chrome Clamps and Side Wings)
    • SC-MEDUA 10.5mm or SC-LGUA 12.7mm Ultra Adjust L-Rod Tom Holder
    • SC-SBBT 12” Cymbal Boom Arm
    • SC-SBRA-BT 12” Cymbal Boom Rod
    • SC-GCRMC 1.5” Chrome Drum Rack Multi Clamp
    • 9707NL-DP 9000 Series No Leg Hi Hat Stand
    • SC-EA100 12” Extension Arm and Clamp
    • 6706 6000 Series Snare Drum Stand

For those who prefer to tread the path less traveled, we present the Legless Snare Stand Options:

  • 9706NL 9000 Series No Leg Snare Drum Stand
  • SC-GPRSBAR Stealth VMS 30” Drum Rack Tube
  • SC-GCRA 1.5” Right Angle Drum Rack Clamp
  • SC-GCSMC 1.5” Chrome Drum Rack Super Multi-Clamp


  • GSMTL Stealth Rack Mini T-Leg Assembly
  • GUASB Ultra-Adjust Snare Drum Stand Basket
  • SC-GPRSBAR Stealth VMS 30” Drum Rack Tube
  • SC-GCRA 1.5” Right Angle Drum Rack Clamp

So, this Halloween, don't just play the drums. Become the Phantom Drummer with the Gibraltar Ghost Rack. The audience awaits your spectral symphony!

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