Get Your Groove on with the GCS375R Curved Rack

Get Your Groove on with the GCS375R Curved Rack

Hey drummers! If you’re looking to amp up your kit, you’ve gotta check out the GCS375R Curved Rack with Two Curved Wings. It's a total game-changer, especially if you're rocking a 5- or 6-piece set. This rack doesn’t just hold your gear; it wraps your drums and cymbals in 40” of sleek, curved mounting space, with a couple of handy side wings for those extra cymbals.

Setting it up might seem like a bit of a puzzle at first, but don't sweat it! There's this super helpful step-by-step video that's got your back. It walks you through everything, from what’s in the box to the tools you’ll need to nail the setup. Dive into the setup adventure here:

Assembly Made Easy

Ready to put this beast together? Here's how you'll do it, step by step:

  • Bars First: Kick things off by freeing the bars from their clamps.
  • Legs Next: Get those legs built and standing strong – they’re the foundation of your setup.
  • Cross Bar Time: Slot in the crossbar. It’s the linchpin that holds everything together.
  • Get it Level: Make sure your rack’s as level as your beats.
  • Crossbar Height: Crank that crossbar up or down till it feels just right.
  • Wing It: Clip on those side wings for your extra cymbals.
  • Lock It Down: Snap those memory locks in place so everything stays just where you want it.

Unboxing the Goodies

Opening up the GCS375R is like hitting the jackpot. Check out all the cool stuff you get:

  • (2) 30” straight bars with fixed T-leg bases
  • (2) Rack Cymbal Boom Attachments
  • (1) 40” curved bar
  • (2) 24” curved bars
  • (4) Right angle clamps
  • (4) Multi clamps
  • (8) Slip-on memory locks
  • (2) Mini cymbal boom arms
  • (1) L-shaped drum key

Pro Tip: Recommended Tool

Want to make your setup a breeze? Grab the SC-GMLVL Magnetic Level. It’s a nifty little gadget that helps you get everything perfectly level and looking sharp.

So there you have it! The GCS375R Curved Rack with Two Curved Wings is more than just hardware; it’s your ticket to a killer drum setup. With this laid-back guide and the video to help you out, you’re all set to transform your drumming space. Let's make some noise! 🥁

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