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Gibraltar GCS-450C 3-Sided Drum Rack Pack with Chrome Clamps


Gibraltar GCS-450C 3-Sided Drum Rack Pack with Chrome Clamps



A 3-Sided Drum Rack that offers convenience and performance in a hardware solution designed for drummers using large or complex drum kits.

Eight connection points - four to the floor and four to the top - deliver a solid three bar inline build that can be quickly dismantled. One 46" and two 36" long, 1.5" diameter curved bars create an extra large playable area. The drum rack sections can be reconfigured to accommodate single or double bass drum set ups and it includes four matching multi-clamps and memory locks to get you started.


Assembly instructions


  • All Gibraltar Drum Rack Packs are backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • CONNECTIONS: heavy-duty stainless steel drum rack clamps connect the curved rack bars together inline at your chosen height
  • STAGE-READY: four mini t-leg assemblies are equipped with stainless steel clamps and rubber feet with non-slip stage tread
  • PLAYABLE AREA: with more than 9' of connecting surface, there's plenty of room to add drums, cymbals, electronics and more 
  • BUILD: if you're regularly travelling with your gear, the rack pack can break down into 6 sections with clamps and locks in place
  • FOOTPRINT: connect your drums, cymbals, electronics and accessories on just four slim legs and floor supports
  • EXPANDABLE: choose from a large selection of matching rack clamps, extensions and accessories to expand or customize your set up

In The Box:

(1) 46" curved rack bar

(2) 36" curved rack bar

(4) multi clamp

(4) memory lock

(2) stackable right angle clamp

(2) right angle clamp

(4) 30" straight rack bar

(4) rack bar attachment

(4) mini t-leg assembly

Tech Specs
Size 7.5(h) x 13.25(w) x 46(l) inches
Weight 108.34 lb
Part number GCS-450C
Established 1983
Drum hardware experts since 1983.
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