Drum Rack 101: The Docking Station Buyer Guide

Drum Rack 101: The Docking Station Buyer Guide

The Docking Station represents a new step forward in the possibilities of what a drum rack is, or can be. As part of the Stealth line of drum racks, the Docking Station offers a low profile, compact system to mount your drums, cymbals and electronics without taking up too much floor space, in a design that’s low mass, functional, and has a decidedly unique look.

What is the Docking Station?

Unlike most drum racks that feature cross bars over the bass drum and in front of the tom toms, the Docking Station features a U-shaped bar that hugs the contour of the bass drum. Designed to work with bass drums up to 24”, the Docking Station offers drummers a solution for mounting drums and cymbals all on the same bar by using adjustable multi clamps, standard multi clamps, tom arms and cymbal boom arms. The U Bar is secured in two horizontal T leg assemblies for a rock solid foundation.

Transporting Docking Station

Extremely low profile, the Docking Station eliminates tripod clutter, and omits two of the cross connector clamps of a traditional drum rack. With less hardware to carry, the Docking Station offers a quick set-up and tear down. The Docking Station Carry Bag is the perfect companion to transport this rack. It easily fits the entire system, plus three to four cymbal boom arms.

Customizing Docking Station

As with all Stealth Rack systems, all parts are compatible for customization to build your personal setup. For example, eliminate the tripod from the traditional hi-hat stand and snare stand by using a no-leg stand. Or add side extensions or wings for additional mounting space.


It’s easy to add more toms and cymbals to the Docking Station by using the Multi Angle Multi Clamp which allows unlimited angle adjustments for tom holders or cymbal arms. With the addition of cymbal stackers, you have an unlimited choice of how to build a custom setup that is truly your own unique design.


Create your own custom design and integrate with other rack setups. The Docking Station can be used for low profile setups, as well as combined with other components to accommodate larger drum and cymbal set ups.


Explore accessories for Docking Station: Cymbal Arms & Clamps & Tom Holders & Drum Rack Clamps

Rack Your Electronic Drums

The Docking Station is also an excellent way for drummers who play an electronic kit to upgrade their stock electronic rack . Whether you play electronic or acoustic drums, the Docking Station creates a stunning visual frame for any kit while offering the player unlimited positioning and mounting options.

Docking Station Line up

The Docking Station is an all-in-one hardware solution designed for a 4 to 5 piece kit. All of the models offer a brand new look, with clean styling and a compact footprint. The GSDS bundle comes with 3 multi clamps and a tom arm for players who don’t have a tom arm and need it. This bundle fits bass drums 18” to 22”. The U bar hugs 22” bass drums closely for a discreet look.

The GSDF Docking Station Frame comes with 1 multi clamp, and is great for drummers who already have clamps and tom arms. This frame fits bass drums 18” to 22”, and hugs the 22” bass drum for a discreet look.


The GSDF-24 Docking Station Frame comes with 1 multi clamp, and is great for players with a 4 to 5 piece kit who already have clamps and tom arms. This frame is good for bass drums 20” to 24”. This model hugs the 24” bass drum, and offers more clearance for 22” bass drums.


Players who use a 22” bass drum have the option between both the smaller and larger versions depending on how much space they would like to have between the U shaped bar and bass drum.


The 22” and 24” U Bars are offered separately, and great for players who want to customize or incorporate it into their existing rack system’s T legs. From the most basic of setups, to the most elaborate, Gibraltar offers you Nothing But Options.


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