Parts of a Tom

When it's time to repair a drum or replace a part, finding the right item can sometimes be confusing. Here's a quick guide to help you find what you need for your Tom Drum.

Keep a drum key handy:

Tom Profile 1


Each tom part has a corresponding collection numbered in the table below.


Tom Profile 1
1 - Shop Tension Rods
2 - Shop Tension Rod Washers
3 - Shop Tom Brackets
4 - Shop Drum Hoops
5 - Shop Inserts & Screws



If you own a pre-1990s or a beginner level drum kit, the toms may have been supplied with brackets drilled directly to the shell. The tone of a drum can often be improved by switching to a tom suspension system that allows the drum shell to resonate freely. 

Tom Profile 2


Tom Profile 2
6Shop Tom Suspension System



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