Drum Kit Ideas: Build a Double Bass Set-up with Minimal Hardware

Achieving Maximum Support with Stealth Vertical Mounting System

Whether you are upgrading or building a new set up for your double bass kit, or want to reduce your footprint or achieve more flexibility in your set up, the Stealth Vertical Mounting System and a Spanner Bar combined with a traditional cymbal stand offer an innovative and low-profile alternative to traditional double bass drum racks that take up space on stage.

1. Build your foundation

2. Add your drum rack accessories

3. Position your drums

4. Place your cymbals

Here's a complete list of parts used in this build:


 The Drum Rack Qty
Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Drum Rack Vertical Mount System  1
SC-DP Double Tom Platform Mount  1
SC-LBM 10.5mm Ball L-rod OR SC-LBL 12.7mm Ball L-rod  2
GUASB Ultra-Adjust Snare Drum Stand Basket  1
6709 6000 Series Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand  1
SC-SPAN Spanner Accessory Bar   1
SC-LBBT 18” Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter  1
SC-SBBT 12” Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter  1
SC-CMBRA 12” Cymbal Arm with Boom Rod Clamp  1
9707NL-DP 9000 Series No Leg Hi Hat Stand 


SC-RP171 Hi Hat Bass Drum Clamp 




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