Drum Kit Ideas: Build a Stealth 4 Piece E-Kit

Custom Build this Stealth VMS e-rack

Building an electronic drum kit can be a complicated process, but with Gibraltar’s Stealth VMS rack setup, it can be made much simpler and add style to your set up. The Gibraltar Stealth Vertical Mounting system offers drummers a variety of options for mounting E-pads and e cymbals in a compact and efficient way. These low profile racks providing a rock-solid foundation and extra style to your electronic drum kit. Stealth VMS also saves space and makes transporting your setup much easier because there is less to transport. All parts are compatible and can be combined anyway you wish to achieve your ultimate electronic drum kit setup.

NOTE - Be sure to check your e-kit mounting specifications for specific pads mounting

1. It starts with the rack pack

2. Add your drum rack accessories

3. Position your drums

4. Place your cymbals

Here's a complete list of parts used in this build:

The Drum Rack Qty
Stealth Vertical Mounting System Kit GSMVS-KIT 1
6000 Series Double Braced Cymbal Stand 1
Gibraltar SC-SBBT 12" Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter 1
SC-GCA-BT 18" Cymbal Arm and Clamp with Gearless Brake Tilter 1
SC-LRAC 9.5mm L-Arm and Clamp 1
SC-GCSMC 1.5" Chrome Drum Rack Super Multi Clamp 1
SC-EA100 12" Extension Arm and Clamp 1
9707NL-DP 9000 Series No Leg Hi Hat Stand 1

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