Build a Stealth Four Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Kit Ideas: Build a Stealth 4 Piece E-Kit

Custom Build this Stealth VMS e-rack

Drummers, see how you can custom build a Stealth rack for your 4- piece E-Kit that delivers an extremely clean and efficient set-up, while still allowing flexibility and ease of customization! Combined with your existing hardware, the Gibraltar Stealth Vertical Mounting System (GSVMS) offers a compact low-profile vertical mounting plane that creates a rock-solid foundation for mounting E-pads and E-cymbals and keeps your footprint small and your hardware load to a minimum.

NOTE - Be sure to check your e-kit mounting specifications for specific pads mounting

1. It starts with the rack pack

2. Add your drum rack accessories

3. Position your drums

4. Place your cymbals

Here's a complete list of parts used in this build:

The Drum Rack Qty
Stealth Vertical Mounting System Kit GSMVS-KIT 1
6000 Series Double Braced Cymbal Stand 1
Gibraltar SC-SBBT 12" Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter 1
SC-GCA-BT 18" Cymbal Arm and Clamp with Gearless Brake Tilter 1
SC-LRAC 9.5mm L-Arm and Clamp 1
SC-GCSMC 1.5" Chrome Drum Rack Super Multi Clamp 1
SC-EA100 12" Extension Arm and Clamp 1
9707NL-DP 9000 Series No Leg Hi Hat Stand 1

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