Drum Kit Ideas: Build a Seven Piece Drum Kit

Drum Kit Ideas: Build a 7 Piece Drum Kit

Getting to grips with more drums

The more drums you have, the more useful a drum rack becomes. Here's our build around a 3 up, 2 down, seven piece drum kit.

1. Build your rack pack

2. Add your drum rack accessories

3. Position your drums

4. Place your cymbals


The drum rack pack extends 40" across so there's plenty of room to go 3 up with your toms. It's such a clean build, that we've gone for zero tripods and included a no-leg hi hat stand connected directly to the left (stage left) side wing.


Here's a complete list of parts used in this build:


 The Drum Rack Qty
GCS-400C Drum Rack Pack with Chrome Clamps and Side Wings  1
SC-LBBT 18" Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter  3
SC-SBBT 12" Cymbal Boom Arm with Gearless Brake Tilter  2
SC-CSA Cymbal Stacker  1
Clam Style L-Rod Tom Holder  3
SC-GCRMC 1.5" Chrome Drum Rack Multi Clamp  3
9707NL-DP 9000 Series No Leg Hi Hat Stand  1
SC-EA100 12" Extension Arm and Clamp  1
6000 Series Double Braced Snare Drum Stand 




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