Parts of a Snare Drum

Parts of a Snare Drum

Sometimes drum parts get worn, lost or need an upgrade, so we've put together this quick guide to help you identify the right parts for your snare drum.

Snare Drum Profile 1


Each snare drum part has a corresponding collection numbered in the table below.


Snare Drum Profile 1
1 - Shop Snare Drum Tension Rods
2 - Shop Snare Drum Washers
3 - Shop Snare Drum Throw Offs
4 - Shop Snare Drum Hoops



Spin the snare drum through 180° and you'll find the snare strainer. We also offer replacements for the screws, washers and inserts found on the inside of the snare drum shell.

Snare Drum Profile 2


Snare Drum Profile 2
5 - Shop Snare Drum Strainers
6 - Shop Snare Drum Inserts & Screws



Flip the snare drum on its side and you'll see the snare wires loosely in contact with the snare side (bottom) drum head. 

Snare Drum Resonant


Snare Drum Resonant
7Shop Snare Drum Wires
8Shop Snare Drum Cord & Straps



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