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Elevate your performance with Gibraltar cymbal stands. Explore a diverse lineup including cymbal boom stands, straight stands and concert stands, available with heavy or mid-weight double bracing as well as our lightweight flat base.

  • 9000 Series professional double-braced stands are designed to be heavy-duty, not heavy. Features include a low mass, collapsible parallel leg design base assembly, Super lock height adjustment mechanism with no metal-to-metal contact, hideaway boom cast, and brake-style tilter.
  • 8000 Series Flat Based stands bring back the classic flat base design with features for today’s drummer. A low mass, flat base design tripod with cast adjustments and Gibraltar’s exclusive “Key Lock” that prevents any tripod movement or collapse. Hinged height adjustment with ABS inserts for super lock, no metal-to-metal contact, and topped off with Gibraltar’s gearless Brake Cymbal Tilter with key memory lock.
  • GSB-500 Series Professional single-braced stands are low-profile, medium-weight single-braced stands you want to take on the road with you. Solid for performance yet easy to transport.
  • 6000 Series Double Braced stands have professional features yet are light enough in weight and mass for easy transport. Double-braced tripod assembly and ABS inserts for no metal-to-metal contact, Cymbal stands have three-tier sections and standard 8mm cymbal titers. Hi-Hat stand features easy step tension adjustment.
  • 5000 Series stands utilize all professional features in a low-mass double-braced stand. Double braced tripod with cast height assembly and Gibraltar’s round rubber feet provide stability without a large profile. Stands feature hinged height adjustments with ABS inserts and standard 8mm cymbal tilters with oversized felts.
  • 4000 Series stands feature low mass double-braced construction featuring double-braced tripods, hinged height adjustment with a nylon bushing for no metal-to-metal contact.

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