About Gibraltar

Behind the drums since 1983.

It started on the stage

So it was the 80s and when it came to drum kits, bigger was better. We cut our teeth working with touring musicans across the globe to create some of the most iconic stage set ups of the decade.

Since then...

With the burning desire to innovate, we transitioned to hardware, pedals, drum racks and accessories and changed the way drummers think about drum kit design.

We thrive on innovation...

and solve unique problems with unique products. Alongside ranges of hardware, we've created an open system of parts and accessories that can be combined to connect your drum kit together in different and sometimes surprising ways.

A place for everything

We build the platform on which drummers can practice, play, perform and home their art. When it's time to get creative, we're there to help evolve, expand or experiment every set up and enable to you to take any stage.

Pushing boundaries

We spend time with drummers, listening, observing, learning and then creating products to enhance performance and experience. Gibraltar artists test the limits of form and function on many stages around the world.

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