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The Gibraltar Work Horse

The Work Horse is a standing, double tiered, keyboard stand built out of straight bars. It is designed for those players who use a heavier keyboard as their main. Though it will work for smaller keyboards as well. Once assembled, it can be broken down into 3 pieces for easy transportation and storage. The height depends on you. As is, the mounting surface for the lower tier is 41" high, and the upper tier is 50" high. Lowering the two heights will require cutting the vertical bars to the desired level for performance.

Work Horse parts listing:

2ea. - SC-GCSQCLTLA Quick Clamp Long T-Lep Assembly
2ea. - SC-GPR20 20" straight extension tube
3ea. - SC-GPR36 36" straight extension tube
2ea. - SC-GPR435 43.5" straight extension tube
8ea. - SC-GCRQT Quick T-Lep Clamp
6ea. - SC-GCML Chrome series memory lock
4ea. - SC-GRMF Block style rubber mounting pad
1ea. - SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting Clamp

Click here to download the work horse assembly guide.