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The Gibraltar Spider Rack

The latest masterpiece from the Gibraltar Rack Factory features a radical new look and expanded functionality. A creative combination of the Gibraltar GSPIDER-V Gibraltar V-Pipe Spider Rack System, and the GSCYMARM Spider Rack Cymbal Arm package, the Spider Rack can be used with the selection of drum, accessory & cymbal mountings as show, or customized to suit the players preference. Also, for further personal expression, the Gibraltar Spider Rack is designed to be constructed with either vertical V-pipes or optional vertical curved tubes.


Spider Rack parts listing

2 pcs GSSMS Stealth VMS Side Mounting System
2 pcs SC-GPRLV 44" Long V-pipe
2 pcs SC-GPRSV 33" Short V-pipe
4 pcs SC-RMAA Rack Tube Attachment Mount
4 pcs SC-GCRA Chrome Right Angle Clamp
1 pc SC-GCSMC Chrome Series Super Multi Clamp
3 pks SC-GCML Chrome Series Memory Lock 2PK
1 pc SC-EA200 Super Grabber Extension arm

Optional Hardware for Spider Rack set up

1 pc 6611DB Avenger Double Pedal
1 pc 6607NL No leg hi hat stand
1 pc SC-SPCM Single Ball L-Rod with Cymbal Mount
2 pcs SC-LBL L-Rod Ball w/12.7mm Rod

GSCYMARM Spider Rack display Cymbal Arm Package

2 pcs SC-UCB Ultra Adjust Boom Arm
2 pcs SC-SBBT Short Cymbal Boom -Brake Tilter
2 pcs SC-LBBT Long Cymbal Boom -Brake Tilter
1 pc SC-CLRA Cymbal L-Rod Attachment
  Click here to download and print the Gibraltar's Spider Rack assembly guide.