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› Build It Projects

  Spider Rack

This radical look uses a creative combination of Gibraltar rack parts and mounts, giving you expanded functionality and a completely unique setup.

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  Key Tree

This two-tiered keyboard stand is designed for those players who are looking for stability, easy set up/tear down, with a flashy but sleek look.

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  Work Horse

The Work Horse is double tiered keyboard stand designed for those players who use a heavier keyboard as their main.

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  Brent's Hang

Tips, tricks, and hardware advice from Gibratar's Brent Barnett

› Brent's Hang

Check out Brent's hang - our new weekly YouTube Build-it webisodes.

› All Brands Reference Chart

Gibraltar Hardware can be used with a wide range of drum equipment from all major manufacturers. To find out what parts work best for you we have prepared a PDF to cross reference your drum brand with Gibraltar model numbers.

› Custom Mount Setup Examples

Mount it where you need it with Gibraltar's Custom Mounts and Accessories. Check out tom and cymbal custom mounting options below. With Gibraltar you have nothing but options when it comes to your set up.

› Tune, Repair, Restore your kit

When it comes to equipment maintenance and repair, there are two types of drummers. Some are meticulous with their gear, methodically lubricating every moving part, searching for flecks of dust, earnestly polishing. Others are perhaps the more stereotypical drummers, proudly displaying the stains and scratches on their equipment like hard-earned battle scars. No matter which kind of drummer you are, it's important to know how to perform at least a few basic hardware repairs and maintenance tips in order to be competitive.

› Maintenance Tips

Although it is impossible to entirely avoid emergency hardware problems, you can prevent many of them by practicing a few common-sense maintenance tips. First of all, use your eyes and ears to determine the condition of your hardware. IF your pedals squeaks or a stand gets wobbly, it's time to take a closer look at what's going on.