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The Gibraltar Key Tree

The Key Tree is a two-tiered keyboard stand designed for those players who are looking for stability, easy set up/tear down, with a flashy but sleek look. The bottom tier of the stand has a playing height range of approximately 35" to 44". The top tier, depending upon positioning along the main support, is approximately 10" above the bottom tier. This allows for enough room to view the LCD screen on the main keyboard, without placing the top keyboard at an uncomfortable height and/or distance. The Key Tree was designed to work with a 76 key keyboard and smaller. An 88 key keyboard will not work with this stand.

Key Tree parts listing:

(1ea.) SC-GPR20 - 20" Straight extension tube
(2ea.) SC-GPR24C- 24" Curved extension tube
(2ea.) SC-GPR30 - 30" Straight extension tube
(1ea.) SC-GPR36C - 36" Curved extension tube
(1ea.) SC-GCSQCLTLA - Chrome Quick Clamp Long T-Lep Assembly
(4ea.) SC-GCRQT- Gib Chrome Quick T-Lep Clamp
(1ea.) SC-GCARA - Chrome Series Adjustable Right angle Clamp
(6pks) SC-GCML - Chrome Series Memory Lock
(2ea.) SC-GEMC - Electronic Mounting Clamp
(1pk) SC-RF - Block Rack Feet

Click here to download the Key Tree assembly guide.

Note: This setup is for keyboards with 76 keys or less