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John Otto
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Limp Bizkit


Here's a little info on John

Bands performed with: my band Limp Bizkit
Recordings you’ve played on: All Limp Bizkit records and The Killer and The Star
Favorite drum solo? My drum solo on “Nobody Like You” off of Significant Other
Current setup: Remo, Orange County Drums, Gibraltar, and Zildjian
Artist(s) who have influenced you: John Bonham, Elvin Jones, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jack Dejohnette, Vinnie Paul, and Lars Ulrich
Why did you choose our products? Because you guys have quality stuff
Did you participate in a school music program? Yes, I went to art school.
Tours you’ve been on: Too many to list
Advice for aspiring musicians: Practice, practice, practice!!!
What’s in your CD player now? My new CD of my band
Favorite all-time album: Limp Bizkit Gold Cobra
Favorite food: In ‘N Out, pizza, and seafood
Favorite snack food: Chips and Guacamole (no tomato) with cheese
Favorite actor/actress: President Obama
Favorite TV show: UFO Hunters
Favorite movie: Layer Cake