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Van Romaine
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Van’s music career has been all about diversity. From tracking the eclectic music of Steve Morse, Vinne moore to laying down grooves for naughty by nature (o.p.p., hip hop horay) to the rock solid pop grooves of enrique Igesias, nena and many more Van has kept himself busy with a mixture of touring and recording globaly and in his recording studio located in Nyc’s lower east side.

His drumming burst on the scene with Steve Morse’s critically acclaimed Southern Steel, which was Steve’s first release with the trio featuring Van and Dave La Rue on bass. It won guitar album of the year in Guitar Player Magazine and would be the first of many recordings by this line up. In addition to Van's high visibility with the Steve Morse Band he's kept quite busy playing with a wide array of other artists: Gloriana, JULIAN VELARD, ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, NENA, BILLY JOEL, JOAN OSBORNE, BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS, KANSAS, The steve Morse Band, THE DIXIE DREGS, BERNIE WORRELL, NAUGHTY BY NATURE, DEEP PURPLE, THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, HOWARD JONES, KIM WILDE, STACY WILDE, TM STEVENS, ADAM HOLZMAN’S MONA LISA OVERDRIVE, HIRAM BULLOCK, JACO PASTORIUS, BILLY HECTOR and many more.

He has performed on all of the major TV shows including The tonight show, David Letterman, Saturday night live, Live 8, A tribute to the heros, the AMA's, Jay Leno, Top Of The Pops, MTV Music Awards, TRL and Wetten Dass and more.

Due to Van’s vast experience in the business he has become a sought after clinician sharing his technical skills as well as his processional experience thriving in today's music business.

Steve Morse - CD's from 1990-present Naughty By Nature - O.P.P.

Miles Davis, The Beatles, James Brown, and Led Zepplin

"Be open minded."