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The greatest names in the percussion world are equipped with the greatest name in the hardware world -- Gibraltar. Fact is, our endorsees use one or more of our products on the road and in the studio.

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Francisco 'Paquito' Villa
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Born on February 4, 1980 in Mexico city, moving to Mexicali, B.C. since he was 2 months old. Francisco started his music studies (drums) at age 9 in "Instituto de Bellas Artes" in Mexicali, being his teacher the professor Jacinto "Chinto" Mendoza; at age 13 he took percussion lessons in U.A.B.C, with the professor Gabriel Fuentes. In 1999 he took different workshops in at the music school "Berklee", in Boston, Mass. In September of the same year he started to be part of the Music Academy "L.A.M.A" (Los Angeles Music Academy)in Pasadena in the state of California. He graduated in the department of percussions and drums in September 2000; also dominating other instruments such as: batas and congas that he studied during 2001 and 2002 at the conservatory in La Habana, Cuba with instructors Enrique Pla, Jose Eladio and Javier Campos. Francisco "Paquito" Villa chooses Gibraltar Hardware for the versatility in the products Gibraltar offers.

Dreyfus Quintet and Abraham Barrera Trio.

Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, Bill Evans, Brian Blade, Jorge Rossy, Enrique Pla and Thelonios Monk.

"Practice with discipline, play for the music." "Keep drumming."