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Nir Z
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Visit Nir Z's Official Website  

Nir Z is one of the worlds most in demand drummers.

Famous not only for his incredible studio chops and dynamic live presence, but also for the amazing energy he can bring to any musical situation.

Having spent the last 17 years as a staple on the exciting New York music scene, Nir has been in great demand as a studio and touring drummer.

Currently Nir lives in Nashville, TN.

Nir is also busy in his own personal recording studio using his vast experience and talent to product tracks and play drums & percussion for musicians from all over the world.

Every record I've listened to....influenced me. As far as drummers, the list is too long....

Gene Krupa, Joe Morello, Tony Williams, Steve Gadd, Bonzo, Bozio, all these years that I lived in New York City...The streets, the train, the food, the drummers in New York, Roberto Rodrigez, Alex Alexander, Van Romaine, Steve Wolf....and many many others!!!

Work hard and listen to others! Be influenced by others but follow your heart, develop your own sound and style. Say no!!!!!! to drugs!