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Shay Godwin
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The Dirty Diamond

Gibraltar products are what I call a "Utilitarian Dream". They have so many products that can make our lives as drummers easier, more fun, and more productive. With that comes more focus on the music and less on fussing with gear.  

Shay Godwin is the drummer for Los Angeles band The Dirty Diamond. Also a freelance drummer, Shay does a range of live and studio work including national and international television commercials, documentary films, and artists of varying styles.

Shay has performed and/or recorded with the following:

The Dirty Diamond
Andra Day (Warner Bros)
Nathan Johnson (composer)
Butterfly Boucher (A&M)
Paul Freeman (Arista)
Chantal Claret
Matthew Jordan
Rama Duke (Hollywood Records)
Leland Sklar
Judson Crane (composer)
Al McKay
Sayers Club house band
Macy Gray
Charlotte Martin (RCA Records)
Florence And The Machine
Phil Woods
Maiya Sykes (The Voice)
Bo Bice (American Idol finalist)
Paul Freeman (Arista)
JB and The Rebellion
Dilana (Rock Star Supernova runner-up)
Ken Andrews (producer)
New Philadelphia Baptist Church
James Blunt (Atlantic)
Eric Marienthal
Wayne Shorter
Elliott Yamin (American Idol finalist)
Siavash Ghomayshi
Cliff Magness (producer)
Janet Robin
Thomas Nicholas Band
South Bay Community Church
Sarah Bettens

The Dirty Diamond - Our Divine And Sovereign Mother
The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAAAAM Birthday Bundle 2011
Thomas Nicholas Band - Heroes Are Human
Charlotte Martin - On Your Shore (RCA)
Butterfly Boucher - Live At KCRW
Dona Oxford - Soul Quest
Derek Frank - Let The Games Begin
Caren Manuel - Eight O’Clock At The Shop

JB and The Rebellion – JB and The Rebellion Aaron Isles - Supernova Stars
The Echoing Green - In Scarlet And Vile
Levyatan – Rising
Arden Kaywin - Elephant In The Room
Malea McGuiness - Close As Air
Country Rock & Roots (production music album by Megatrax )
Teen TV (Universal library)
Adrenaline Overload (production music album by Noise Refinery)

Tony Williams, Stewart Copeland, Elvin Jones, Levon Helm, Chris "Daddy" Dave, John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Matt Chamberlain, Art Blakey, Max Roach, Dennis Chambers, Roger Hawkins, Benny Benjamin, Richard "Pistol" Allen, Josh Freese, Bernard Purdie, Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, on and on!

Understand that this is a journey. The joy is in the work. Aspire to excellence, and that starts with the groove no matter what type of music you are playing. Hone your ears. Listen to different styles of music, even if you don't plan on playing those styles, because you will grow. Use gear that inspires you. Be nice. Know your limitations, work on them as much as possible. Practice things you suck at. Be confident in your abilities and allow yourself to be inspired, not intimidated, by the other-worldly talent around you. Gratitude will make you happy. Trust God!