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Justin Charney
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Your dedication to making the best hardware on the market and your genius Rack Builds are too awesome! From the pedals to cymbal stands you guys are the Best!  

Justin D. Charney is an award-winning drummer from Kelowna, B.C., Canada. Although he’s only 13 years old Justin has already earned his blisters and calluses by playing for thousands of people in sold out concerts and for millions online world–wide. Justin discovered the drums while at school. Before that, he had tried the violin and piano since the age of four. With the drums, Justin had an instant connection and found his true passion.

Justin started studying at the world-renowned education program Rockschool through his mentor and Drum Coach Justen Gordon. After skipping 4 grades out of the gate due to his work ethic and skill, Justin wrote his grade 3 exam, getting 94%. 10 months later Justin is now finishing up and prepping for his grade 7 exam, a 1st year University equivalent. Justin has now taken on his grade 8 book to finish the program. He is also in talks with Rockschool and partnering up on educating kids his age and people of all ages through his YouTube channel.

Justin won his first contest, the Kiwanis Music Festival solo award, in March of 2013 which was the 1st drummer to do so in the 80+ year history of Kiwanis. From there DrumJDC was born and took off online and Justin started drumming for a much bigger, worldwide, audience. Now after reaching over 6 million views and 10,000 Subscribers in just 10 short months since posting his 1st cover videos, Justin has taken his drumming game to the next level and has started works on new original content to be rolled out spring and summer of 2014.

Justin joined forces in early 2014 by signing deals with SJC Drums, Roland, Audix Microphones, Los Cabos Sticks and DRUMLITE. By achieving this, his drum family has expanded North American wide and has inspired Justin to work harder than ever before. Quite the anomaly for the 13 year old phenom.

Today, Justin is working hard to learn everything he can. He looks up to Justen Gordon (his teacher, collaborator and manager) as an example of how he wants to play. His goal is always to give a song exactly what it needs, and to be recognized as a musician. Justin and Justen are working on drum remixes for his favorite genres of EDM, hip hop, rap, and Rock. Under the guidance of Justen though, Justin Charney he gets extensive doses of Latin, Jazz, and Progressive music as well and he loves it.

"In the 12 years I have been teaching and the many years beyond that touring the globe, I have never met a more dedicated and driven drummer who has the skill set and abilities to match. The sky is the limit for Justin and I am proud to be on the journey to see him reach all of his goals."

- Justen R. Gordon

"Born to Live" (JDC Remix) feat. J-Skee & Lil Nardi TheDon
"Hell Reborn" (JDC Remix) feat. J-Skee & Lil Nardi TheDon
"Party Right" feat. DJ LiveGrid

Tony Royster Jr., Neil Peart, Travis Barker, Thomas Lang, Justen Gordon, John Blackwell Jr.

Always think Positive! Practice hard and enjoy every minute! Get educated and make sure to always to the extra mile. The only limits you have are the ONE's you place on yourself!!