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Robert DeLong
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I have used Gibraltar drum hardware in the past and have found it to be reliable and easy to use. After doing some touring on my own hardware I found that my Gibraltar pieces held up best and given my often intense touring schedule I wanted to make sure I had something that wouldn't fail me on the road.

Growing up, one of my biggest musical influences was, strangely enough, Pat Metheny and I think his sense of emotive pseudo-jazz mixed with electronic elements came to inform my future tastes.

I high school I found myself drawn to the drumming of Art Blakey and Kenny Aronoff - Blakey's arty sort of heavy-handed arty melodic drumming helped expand my ideas of the roles of percussion and drum set in music, and Aronoff's quest for precision and consistency while maintaining a human sense of groove left a lasting impression.

In college, listening to Brian Eno's music he produced or created himself demonstrated the importance of continually striving for regular creative output and the idea that this could be achieved through evaluation and analysis of the creative process itself.

1. Love what you do - being a musician is not always profitable nor glamorous, despite what you might have been lead to believe, so make sure that you love it to the point where you couldn't imagine doing something else.

2. Work hard and Continuously - constantly strive to try new things, spend all night getting whatever thing you are working on right and don't give up on something because the task seems daunting - all things are achievable, step-by-step.

3. Be Nice to People - success comes from relationships, so do your best to be agreeable and easy to work with, without over-compromising your personal creative vision. Other people are the reason you will be able to get gigs, have fans, make money , etc., so don't be mean (at least not out loud!).