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The greatest names in the percussion world are equipped with the greatest name in the hardware world -- Gibraltar. Fact is, our endorsees use one or more of our products on the road and in the studio.

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Jack Bermeo
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After years of success creating racks for drummers and percussionists, Gibraltar applied that same innovation to rack system for DJs and entertainment companies. In this day and age, new technology and equipment are high in demand. Gibraltar’s new DJ racks are a new concept in modern, sleek, and effective equipment that has the potential to influence in the industry.

For over 17 years, music and entertainment has been Jack Bermeo’s passion. Starting out his career as a DJ in the nightlife industry, he decided to take his talents and knowhow into the world of private events. LJDJS, originally LJ Productions/Entertainment, is the company that started it all.

Jack’s performances makes him a DJ artist like no other. His inventive ,full-scale production events are revolutionizing today’s world-class affairs by incorporating live musicians, novelty acts and theatrical effects. Jack is a two-time winner of the “DJ of the Year” by DJ Times Magazineand one of the top rated entertainment hosts in New Jersey.

“Talent isn’t easy to come across. I keep pushing the boundaries to put on a good show,” says Jack. “I try to maintain a high level of energy both on and off stage. Creativity can strike at any moment!”

One of my favorite artists of all time is the one and only Michael Jackson. I've also played with many artists but the one who brought out more of my talent would be my close friend and artist Miss Crystal Vargas. People who have inspired me in my life would be my family. They have always supported me in my endeavors and I couldn't have asked for better.

It's not about having the music and pressing play. You need to be open to the endless possibilities. Remember, you only have one chance to make the difference between what is generic and what is phenomenal.