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Jeremy Davis
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Gibraltar Hardware holds up like no other. The durability and name speaks for itself. In addition to the durability and strength of the hardware the adjustability is almost infinite. I can place stands and clamps exactly where I want.

Jeremy Davis started playing drums at the age of 6, banging on a small drum kit his parents bought him for his birthday. Little did they know that it would soon play a major role in his life goals.

Jeremy began concert band in elementary school. As he arrived at the 7th grade he was placing first chair on snare drum which lead to his first chair All-State band placement his junior and senior years of high school, he quickly found where his passion lied, playing the drum kit.

Jeremy went to college at the University of South Carolina- Aiken and achieved a B.A. degree in the Fine Arts of Music with a concentration in Percussive performance.

While in college Jeremy stumbled upon the Youtube world of drumming and decided to try out some of his own grooves against some of the popular music being produced. Within the first year of making Youtube drum covers he gained nearly 10,000 subscribers and generated 1.4 million channel views. The second year his subscribers grew substantially and his total views doubled to 2.34 million channel views. These statistics have grown exponentially since then to presently 29,400 subscribers and 5.4 million channel views.

Jeremy is a hard working and self-motivated individual. This is displayed in his efforts behind the kit as well as in his day-to-day life. In addition to being a performer, he thoroughly enjoys teaching lessons online as well as private lessons in his hometown. His energetic yet passionate personality for music allows him to explain concepts comfortably to drummers and percussionists at any skill level.

Overall, Jeremy is a hard working musician with the undeniable passion to help others and succeed in his profession. His dedication and passion show clearly through his performances and his instruction. His humble yet positive outlook on life makes him extremely adaptable and easy to work with.

Jeremy also plays for a modern pop band called “The New High”, based out of Myrtle Beach, SC.

I am influenced by many artists. Some of my top inspirations are Steve Jordan, JJ Johnson, Jojo Mayer, Tony Royster Jr., Buddy Rich and Benny Greb. In addition to drummers and percussionists, many vocalists and guitar players influence my drumming as well. Some of these Include John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Stevie Wonder and many modern producers.

Practice your craft. Progression isn't something that happens overnight. ALSO, play because you love to play and because it's fun. Always attempt to find that groove that gives you that sense of fulfillment and reminds you constantly of why you love to play.