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The greatest names in the percussion world are equipped with the greatest name in the hardware world -- Gibraltar. Fact is, our endorsees use one or more of our products on the road and in the studio.

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Michael Finn
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I need dependability and consistency and ease of set up every time I play – I have no time to muck around. My “Airspace” Stealth Racks give me a way to look big with a small footprint, so my look remains the same no matter what size the stage is – no chopping and changing for small stages. Gibraltar allows me the freedom to create something unique and special just for me !!!

Michael Finn is freelance drummer based in Melbourne Australia. Michael has had a long and extremely successful career consistently playing on average 75-100 shows per year each year for more then 20 years. Michael has played with some of Australia’s leading artists and has worked in several of Australia’s highest profile working shows of the last 10 years.

Some of these bands are
Head Injuries – The Midnight Oil Show
Something so Strong – The Australian Crowded House show

Michael is an energetic powerhouse performer who has a style that exudes a presence that goes way past being behind a drum kit and therefore catches the eye of all that see him play. Michael is also known as a go to guy for regular session work and last minute fill ins.

At present you will find Michael powering his own successful project RED ROCKIT several nights per week and working another highly successful corporate show called “HIGH SOCIETY”

Apart from being a successful performer Michael is also a successful business coach and mentor for up and coming drummers assisting them on all aspects professional preparation of both themselves and their projects.



1 x Stealth Vertical Mounting system
1 x Gibraltar Hybrid mounting Pod attached
1 x Stealth Side Mount system
2 x 46” Curve bars
2 x 24” Curve bars
Road series All Chrome clamps
2 x Rack Shock Mic Mount
1 x double Ratchet Mic Mount
Turning Point delux cymbal Tilter
4 x Turning point long boom rods
1 x Turning point long boom arm
1 x Turning point short boom
2 x Turning point short boom arm
1 x Medium Boom Ratchet assembly
1 x Direct Lever pull drive dual leg hi hat
1 x pro Ultra Adust Snare basket