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The greatest names in the percussion world are equipped with the greatest name in the hardware world -- Gibraltar. Fact is, our endorsees use one or more of our products on the road and in the studio.

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Rob Lee
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Rob has toured extensively through the U.S. and Canada with Mike Zito, Theresa Andersson, and the Wyrd Sisters as well as shorter tours (ranging from 1 - 6 weeks) with the following artists:

- U.K. tour with Dexter Ardoin (Zydeco)
- Waiheke Jazz Festival in New Zealand with John Boutte (New Orleans jazz/r&b)
- Europe tour (Germany, Switzerland) with Rainravens (roots/rock)
- Japan tour with 20/20 (power pop)
- Europe tour (Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium) with Alan Haynes (Texas Blues)
- Europe tour (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, Slovakia, Croatia) with Mike Zito

Why did you choose our products?
The Gibraltar hardware I have owned has been rugged and sturdy and holds up well on the road. There seems to be a lot of flexibility in the setup options available with Gibraltar hardware.

Be a lifelong learner. Don't forget what brought you to music in the first place. For me it's always been about being in a constant state of discovery. Whether it's seeking out new music to listen to and learn from, improving my technique or looking for new sounds, ideas and inspiration. And be nice to people...especially your fellow musicians. Competitiveness is fine but music is not an olympic sport and there is no first place. Just be cool!

Specifically for drummers: focus more on making the band sound good than making yourself stand out.